Onboarding in mobile games

The Problem

Fried Candle's second game Ren! has a quite unique control scheme. In this game the player runs a 100m dash (or a 4x 100m relay) by using their fingers as feet. To explain how this works I decided to create two tutorial animations.

How to run

Because of the unique way of playing I decided to create an animation of fingers running on a phone, just like how the player would play it. The first iteration was with circles on the screen where the fingers should be. This ended up not clear enough so I opted for the black stick fingers I have now. To enhance the silly-ness of the game I juiced the animation by moving the phone when the fingers are running on it.

Handing over

Ren! also has a local multiplayer mode where up to 4 players run a relay race together. This is achieved by handing over the phone at the designated spots. To make this game mode clear to the player I created this animation of one player handing the phone over to the next player.


Adobe illustrator, Unity 3D Game Engine, C#